It employs 100 workers and 10 operative managers who give guidance and support to the workers while operating the machinery. You probably think you know what a subject and a verb is, since you can't have a sentence without at least one of each. Even then their boss, Saleem Khan decided to promote Aslam stating that being a female Namita will not be able to handle the complications of a higher post. It performs various activities like, market analysis, product designing or merchandising, packaging, warehousing, branding, pricing, promotion and selling. Name the objection of advertising being discussed in this case. Identify the function and state its steps in chronological order other than the one discussed in the above para. A. Considering this, Raman advised Raghav to purchase the shares of Solutions Ltd., who acted on his advice and bought the shares before time. To meet the expenses of floatation cost the company decided to tap the money market. Q.249 Aarushi buys a packet of dry cake from a cake shop without asking for the bill. OD- ALL INDIA The company had established a good name for itself and had been doing well. Even dealers were to be offered incentives to boost the sales. Q.65 Zamon Ltd. is manufacturer of electronics goods based in Pune. She decided to ask for return of money or exchange of the shirt with an appropriate size. [1], Q.90 Astra Builders has to deliver the flats to its buyers on time. Q.172 ‘Viyo Ltd.’ is a company manufacturing textiles. Not only this, some portions of the mail were translated from French to English in such a manner that many mistakes crept in, causing different meaning to the message. and offered various services like after sale service, availability of spare parts etc. [1], Q.204 If the company has enough funds and the management also wants to have greater control on the channel members, which channel of distribution should the company adopt? Q.42 “A good understanding of environment by business managers enables them not only to identity and evaluate but also to react to the forces external to their firm.”. Though, the mail was in English, a language known to Thomas, he was not able to understand the actual meaning of many words used in the mail. Thereafter he met the workers and conveyed the ideas of management to them. ‘Steelo Ltd.’ started earning huge profits. [1], Q.242 Identify the right of a consumer under Consumer Protection Act, 1986 which Consumer organizations help a consumer to claim by performing the function of “encouraging consumers to strongly protest and take an action against unscrupulous, exploitative and unfair trade practices of sellers”. They had entered into alliances with institutes to ensure continuous learning of their employees. In a short span of time, the company emerged as a market leader. He appointed Sandhya, an MBA from a reputed college, as a manager to find out the causes for the same. As the Human Resources manager of the company would you advise the management of the company to confront them or give them some other suggestion to deal with the informal groups. Chinese who attempt shangfang are often intercepted and jailed by local officials who don’t want complaints going outward, Cohen said. Q.136 Mrs. Rajlaxmi is working as the Human Resource Consultant in a firm manufacturing cosmetic, which is facing a problem of high employee turnover. One of his colleagues sent a text message about it to his immediate superior ‘Mr. The effort paid off and the demand for the products started growing. [1], Q.88 Alpha Enterprises is a company manufacturing water geysers. When she went back home, she realised that the shirt was small in size for her son. Q.56 Mega Ltd. holds an Annual Management Programme every year in the month of March in which the top managerial personnel formulate plans for the next year by analysing and predicting the future to meet future events effectively. Q.120 SCT services CEO RajanGopinath’s compensation includes salary, commission and other allowances. [1], Q.239 Archana is a pure vegetarian. The objective was to identify the current directions of Tesda and how to transform it into a demand-driven organization attuned to the needs of future Filipino workers. (3) [3]. Ltd. is a publishing company. After that the composition of Board of Directors changed. Q.12 Seema, a student of management likes to relate what she learnt in class to real life situation. Karan was determined to improve the company’s performance. When looking for the subject in a sentence, look for the verb first. To motivate and retain the best talent in the company, she designed the jobs of the managers to include greater variety of work content. To achieve this objective it decided to offer a discount of Rs. Identify the step taken by the production Manager that is related to one of the functions of management. Identify and explain any two techniques of scientific management used by Riya to solve the problem. He decided that this manufacturing unit will be set up in a rural area, so that people living in rural areas can have job opportunities. The stakeholders expressed their reservations about it and they feel that it should be continued at 12%. Q.91 Ashish, the Marketing Head, Raman, the Assistant Manager and Jyoti the Human Resource Manager of ‘Senor Enterprises Ltd.’ decided to leave the company. He believed that there was only one best method to maximize efficiency. Leadership; C. Communication; D. Staffing. Usually each thinks that only they are qualified to evaluate, judge and decide on any matter, according to their professional criteria. He everyday started accompanying his father on work and watched him carefully while working. The seller denied taking any action on the complaint made by Mohit. Q.21 Namita and Aslam completed their MBA and started working in a multi-national company at the same level. A number of Huawei partners’ systems found on the website mention the capability to track individuals’ ethnicity. The Production Manager, Ms. Kanta was efficiently handling the processing of orders and had a team of fourteen motivated employees working under her. Q.100 After passing his secondary school examination, David left the school at the age of 15 years and started getting training under his father. His function is seen as a generic function of management. It also carries the contact details like address, phone number and e-mail id of ‘Dantik Consumer Services and Grievance Cell’. Q.149 Each employee of ‘Bhoomika Ltd.’ should manufacture 10 tables per day as per the terms of employment. Q.197 Radhika got 10, 00,000 rupees after selling her parental property which she had got as a gift from her grandmother. She filed a case in the District Forum under Consumer Protection Act and got the relief. Q.183 SEBI recently called for information and issued a show cause notice to NSE and its 14 officials seeking explanation on the Preferential Access allegations at the Exchange’s Co-location facility. [3], Q.70 “Delegation of authority, undoubtedly empowers an employee to act for his superior, but the superior would still be accountable for the outcome. State whether the working capital requirement of the firm will be ‘less’ or ‘more’. In addition to this, individual forms of this field are affected indirectly by the factors like the money supply in the economy, composition of the families, the technological changes, etc. State three characteristics which are being fulfilled by the brand decided by this brand name. Also explain the same with the help of an example. Q.203 Beena has been using ‘Klean’, a famous detergent available in the market. Having the first mover advantage, her business was  doing well. Yet over time, I’ve come to realize that the ESG investment industry is by and large little more than a marketing mechanism, and will not lead to productive change. Q.140 Mr. Nath, a recently appointed production manager of Suntech Ltd. has decided to produce jute bags instead of plastic bags as these are banned by the government. Inspite of this the function of management referred above has a number oflimitations. Identify and briefly explain any four principles of management given by Fayol, which Rajat highlighted in his address to the employees. “But the ambition is real,” she added, “whether or not the actual practice has reached that point.". They also thought of providing tickets within ten minutes through the use of internet. [6], Q.27 Flavours Ltd. was engaged in the business of making handmade chocolates. Attempts to reach China’s Public Security Ministry for comment by phone and fax Saturday were unsuccessful. He was awarded first prize for his invention. At the time of performance appraisal the performance of Namita was judged better than Aslam. The Chinese government has denied wrongdoing and said the camps are designed to provide work training and combat extremism, but U.S. national security leaders have cited reports of torture, forced labor and other human rights abuses. One day, on his tour to Patna, he met with an accident and was hospitalised. She fell sick on consuming it. She called upon the Marketing Manager, Mr.Kapoor for his advice. Ltd.’ It was difficult initially as no one trusted an urban youth telling farmers about farming. Identify and explain any two techniques of scientific management used by Sandhya to solve the problem. Ltd.’ They decided to run a boutique during the day and coaching classes  for entrance examination of National Institute of Fashion Designing in the evening. The corpse was identified on the basis of dental records. Competition resulted in reduction in prices, there-by benefiting the customers. On the retirement of the Marketing Manager, Sultan applied for the same post because he was extremely ambitious and had dedicated all his energies to obtain the post of Marketing Manager. In one of such meetings, Hemant drew the attention of Guddu and Toshita towards the exploitation of consumers. As the demand was increasing, Flavours Ltd. decided to explore bakery products as well. Q.23 Deewan Ltd. is a multinational consulting company with its headquarters at Washington D.C. For example, 85% customer satisfaction might look great for you or even compared to your industry’s average, but what if some other companies (not necessarily rivals) easily achieve 97% r… He found that his department was under-staffed and 0other departments were not cooperating with his department for smooth functioning of the organization. Their major expense was money spent on photocopying of notes for their students. Q.215 Malaysian budget airline group Sky Europe announced discounted fares, starting as low as Rs.1,099 for domestic destinations operated by its Indian Joint Venture carrier and Rs.2,099 for international flights operated by other group airlines under a limited period offer. Hence everyone put in extra time and efforts and the targets were met on time. The company also pays for his insurance and vacations. Her team manager did not wish to be contradicted and gave rewards depending on the result. Everybody agreed to work as a team because the behaviour of Avdhesh was positive towards the employees of the organisation. For this the company uses hi-tech machines. This led to decline in sales of Super Fine Rice Ltd. Q.49 Mr. Mohan, Financial manager of ABC Ltd., has prepared the annual Statement of proposed expenditure to be presented in the Annual General Meeting. Q.121 At, there is no reward or appreciation for a good suggestion. From the last financial year the company had been unable to  achieve its targets because of competition in the market. John Public has ordered 10 monitors, 12 mouse pads, and 1 office chair for his company. The Board of Directors of the Company announced a meeting to discuss the decisions regarding pricing and launching a new range of models, in order to increase the market share of the company. The following list contains several characteristics of grain identification: Specifying For this it analysed the pricing policy of the competitors. Radhika approached the broker. [3]. Rahul, a newly appointed Zonal Head of South Zone suggested that since the size of the order is not large, a detailed study of the factors determining the choice of channels of distribution is required before making the right choice. Both Konark’s and Nova’s operations are affected directly by the investors, customers, competitors and suppliers, which are unique to their respective locations. Q.111 A public transport corporation has hired 2000 buses for the different routes for the passengers of metropolitan city. In addition to this , there is another market in which unsecured and short-term debt instruments are actively traded every day. Nagarjun‟s previous three years‟ experience in the closely related work, made it possible for him to catch on to the routine work of his new job more rapidly than was customary for a new employee. The company is planning to revamp its controlling system. This would sometimes lead to delay in delivery and the ice cream was not reaching the market in time. Many of the surveillance solutions co-developed by Huawei have more innocuous purposes, such as ID swipe machines for companies and schools, or safety monitoring systems for industrial production. Radhika opened a Bank account & DEMAT account with Exin Bank. The company has decided to raise funds by issuing equity shares but not directly to the public, rather by offering them for sale through brokers. He was very much concerned about the future prospects of the business, which were uncertain. The company is facing a liquidity crisis. She was able to earn a profit of 20% of the revenue in. One system — developed by Huawei and a Chinese government contractor for aerial photography, Beijing Xintiandi Information Technology — is touted as being able to visualize the identifying details of out-of-town visitors to a city on a 3-D map, including their name, gender, ID number, type of residency permit and ethnicity, according to a marketing presentation from the companies found online. She worked for sometime in a company manufacturing chutneys, pickles and murabbas. Identify and explain the objectives which are being ignored. Start studying Finance Chapter 1-5, 7-10. He was delighted when he was offered a big project by the Ministry of Science and Technology. GIPRA is ready to facilitate employee learning, through its in-house centers. Hence, ‘Parth’ decided that in future he will not make any appointment with the help of an outside source. INVESTIGATIONS Cyprus CSEC investigates possible match fixing for Match Day 4 of Cyprus League. For the coaching Centre they hired the first floor of a nearby building. It was decided that raw materials like fruits, vegetables, spices etc. Many vegetable vendors were using stones as weights to sell their vegetables. So, the IYO members decided to clean the premises. Through their business they wished to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers. Huawei is the world’s second-largest maker of smartphones and a crown jewel of China’s ambitions in telecommunications and artificial intelligence. 3,000from ‘Kajal Machinery Pvt. The company has a policy of granting leave as per the requirement of the workers. [5]. Q.62 An Auto Company, Win ltd is facing a problem of declining market share due to increased competition from other new and existing players in the market. It has a large research and development team which invented the first smart watch, named as W-7. (i) Identify and briefly explain the concept used by Aman Chadha in the above case which helped him in focusing on objectives. On several occasions, Kanaputti noticed the tension developing between the two employees. Q.244 Sirajuddin purchased a car for `15 lacs from an automobile company and found that its airbags were defective. He also thought of giving equal opportunities to men and women. She respects their opinions and supports them, so that they can perform their duties and accomplish organizational objectives. Her friend introduced her to a stock broker, who was registered with the National Stock Exchange. Griezmann, 29, is one of soccer’s most popular players, scoring four goals in the 2018 World Cup tournament as part of France’s victorious national team. It was known for timely completion of orders. Ashish Batra, the Finance Manager of the company does not want to get into procedural requirements of securing finance from a. Q.181 Reshu’s father has gifted her shares of a large cement company, with which he had been working. There is a specific place for each of these items and volunteers put everything at their respective places. For another post, the Manager ‘Parth’ took help of a placement agency and selected ‘Saleem’. She has to follow a series of steps to attain her predetermined objectives. This resulted in high overhead charges. It is an export oriented unit, dealing in exclusive embroidered shawls. During a campus placement, Ishan and Vrinda were appointed to work for the new project. It was the duty of the businessmen to keep consumer satisfaction in mind because business is run by the resources made available to them by the society. It was decided by the management that variation in production upto 10 units would be acceptable. The company decided to allocate Rs.30 crores to achieve the objective. In a short span of time, the company emerged as a market leader. To add to the problems of the organisation, the suppliers of raw material who were earlier selling on credit are asking the company, for advance payment or cash payment on delivery. Q.94 Zenith Ltd. is a highly reputed company and many people wanted to join this company. It procures these products from Rajasthan and sells them to various parts of Delhi. Q.193 ‘MICO Automobiles Ltd.’ is engaged in manufacturing of auto parts for car manufacturing companies. B. [1], Q.89 Biru Nandan, Chairman of Lalit group ofcompanies founded ‘Biru University’ for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in diverse disciplines. Q.184 Raghav’s friend Raman works as a Chartered Accountant in Solutions Ltd. Raman in a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Company came to know that the firm would soon be declaring a Bonus issue which would result in increase in the price of shares. Despite many complaints, the defect was not rectified by Kajal Machinery Pvt. The executive of customer care centre promised the aggrieved customers that their shares will be transferred to their respective D‟mat Accounts very soon. They selected Tanya, Ritu, Garima and Chetan for various vacancies in the. Q.50 Name the step in the process of planning which is considered the “real point of decision making”. SEBI imposed a penalty of ` 5 crores and banned its three executive directors for dealing in securities market for three years. The consumers felt pride in using them. Q.19 Reema is one of the most successful managers of her company, Globe Ltd. She knows that the principles of management are intended to apply to all types of organizations, business as well as nonbusiness, small as well as large, public sector as well as private sector. 6. He is even senior to the division manager, Kanaputti. His strategic vision for The Walt Disney Company focuses on three fundamental pillars: generating the best creative content possible; fostering innov… D- DELHI Q.132 Ram Murthy, the CEO of ‘Goodcare Hospitals’, a leading chain of hospitals, decided to reward the good work of the doctors of this organization. Explain the way by which this problem can be overcome. He also promised the workers to convey their problems to the management. She makes ice creams from fresh milk and the same are available in a wide range of flavours and packs. The Problem Even a company with a world-class risk management system will come up against novel risks it has not planned for.